Frideberta | NUKU


1 h 15 min|Pre-schooler, School children, Young person, Grown-up|Ferdinand Hall

Musical comedy about overcoming yourself, about being afraid and worried

This is a story wrapped in songs that tries to peek in front and behind the feelings that frighten all of us. Maybe even peek a little inside them.

Fearful Frideberta and her best friend Julius find themselves in an abandoned junk room. But the room that seems bleak and dusty at first glance is actually not empty or deserted at all.


Hardi Möller, Mart Müürisepp, Steffi Pähn, Andres Roosileht, Doris Tislar, Lee Trei, Risto Vaidla, Mari Jürjens (guest), Merlin Kivi (Theatrum) and Sander Roosimägi (guest)