Ice Fishing | NUKU

Ice Fishing

1 h|Pre-schooler, School children|Ferdinand Hall

A story of meeting with the miraculous

“Ice Fishing” tells the story of a miracle, or more precisely the fact that miracles tend to happen to children. We all remember some miraculous incident in our childhood, or at least the feeling that miracles do happen – not every day, but they happen. But why are there less and less miracles as we grow up? Or do just as many miracles happen to grownups; only grownups have a way of finding a nice logical explanation to everything? It is quite strange that in order to have a peace of mind, a normal grownup person needs to find an explanation to the miracle – to undo something that is the most miraculous of all.

The characters in this story are two brothers, a sister and a grandfather. The children have grown up, almost adults, and they need to decide what will happen to grandfather’s house. The siblings disagree on what to do. The roof is close to collapsing. But at the same time there is so much wonderful tying them to the place, especially one winter adventure – going alone on frozen sea to catch big fish, just like in grandfather’s wild fishermen’s tales.

A winter adventure unfolds before the audience, in which children’s curiosity leads to serious hazards and the experience will stay with the adventurers for the rest of their lives.


Anti Kobin, Getter Meresmaa, Mart Müürisepp and Sander Roosimägi
Andres Roosileht, Doris Tislar, Karl Sakrits and Risto Vaidla