Laura Kukk | NUKU

Laura Kukk

Amet: Actress

Graduated the Drama School of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2018.

At Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences since

Sophia, Alina:
 Sanne Rooseboom-Siret Campbell Ministry of Solutions (directed by Taavi Tõnisson), 2024
Nell: Sarah Crossan-Johan Elm Moonrise (directed by Johan Elm), 2023
Participant: Zuga United Dancers-Piret Jaaks The Somersault (directed by Zuga United Dancers), 2022
Eveline: Kersti Heinloo Eveline and Me (directed by Kersti Heinloo), 2022
Loviis: Astrid Lindgren-Siret Campbell Ronja, the Robber's Daughter  (directed by Taavi Tõnisson), 2022
Pille and others: Ernst Peterson-Särgava, Roos Lisette Parmas Here, Reynard, an Apron (directed by Anne Türnpu), 2021
Court clerk, mother, teacher Strahl, Tatiana, Friedemann's mother, Ida, Lady Hippopotamus, on-call doctor: Wolfgang Herrndorf Why We Took the Car (directed by Mirko Rajas), 2021
Giraffe, Wind: Toon Tellegen-Andri Luup RETTELLETTER (directed by Tiina Mölder and Christin Taul), 2020
Agnes: Estonian fairy tale-Polina Borodina Sun, Moon and Stars (directed by Polina Stružkova), 2019
Katharina: William Shakespeare-Rein Raud The Taming of the Shrew (directed by Merja Pöyhönen), 2019
Lorelei the Sea Fairy: Piret Jaaks, Helen Rekkor Elias from Dry Land  (directed by Helen Rekkor), 2018
Hilda Maasik: A. H. Tammsaare Young Souls (directed by Mirko Rajas), 2018