Moonrise | NUKU


Young person, Grown-up|Ferdinand Hall

Life is not measured in days.

Moonrise is a story of two brothers who are above all trying to understand what led them to the moment they are now in. What have they done wrong? And what right?

17-year-old Joe receives an unexpected letter from his brother. Ed has been locked up for ten years. Joe decides to leave everything behind and drive drive across the country to visit his brother in prison. To spend his last weeks together. To tell a shared life story, to try to understand themselves, their parents, their hopes and fears.
What is one life worth? How much strength do we have inside us to change our destiny?

The production is based on the multi-award-winning author Sarah Crossan’s young adult novel of the same name. Crossan has also written several other bestsellers, such as One and Apple and Rain.


Mart Müürisepp, Laura Kukk, Joosep Uus