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Morning Light

School children, Young person

Is morning the end of night or the beginning of day?

The characters of this play are children and teenagers who live without their parents in a self-created community, which is the only way for them to not be alone. The community is like a crutch that helps them move forward. Through the eyes of such “invisible” children, the play speaks about the relationship between adults and children in modern society and tries to reflect the most painful points in our relationships with children. Among other things, we get a glimpse of the world that children would like to live in; that place is different in every child’s imagination. Everyone dreams and tries to survive in this world in their unique way, but the understanding that no one can live completely alone is something we all share. Morning can be the end of night, but it can also be the beginning of day.


Getter Meresmaa, Joosep Uus, Risto Vaidla, Steffi Pähn, Maria Ehrenberg