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Leino Rei chosen as the next director of Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences

13. March 2024 | 14:34

Yesterday the board of the Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences Foundation elected Leino Rei, the head of Tallinn Treff festival, as the new head of the theatre. 

"The decision was based on the idea that the Youth Theatre stands on strong foundations, which means that in the coming years we do not expect so much change as a continuation and completion of what has been done. Above all, we believe that the theatre needs creative peace and stability, which could be a breeding ground for new, good ideas," said Merju Künnapuu, Chairwoman of the Council.

According to Künnapuu the theatre has reached a very good creative form, achieved significant public interest, received recognition, and maintained a good internal atmosphere and work culture on a daily basis. "Leino Rei has been actively involved in all of this for years, so he has a good overview with practical skills to effectively continue the work," she explained.

Leino Rei sees his primary mission as theatre director as ensuring that the daily rhythm of life of the theatre continues in creative peace and with the same intensity. "At the same time, exciting challenges lie ahead of us in the near future, both in terms of visual theatre education and internationalisation. It is an opportune moment to take a deep breath and then continue this journey together with our very strong team," he added.

Leino Rei will assume the role of theatre director from mid-April onwards. Until then, the current theatre director, Joonas Tartu, will continue to fulfill the duties of the position.

The picture shows Leino at last year's Tallinn Treff festival, photo by Indrek Rammus.

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