Little Miracles of Life | NUKU

Little Miracles of Life

1 h 10 min|School children, Young person, Grown-up|Estonian Art Museum KUMU Auditorium

Paolo Nani Theatre

In Little Miracles of Life, Paolo Nani experiments with a new and original stage language, uniting theater and visual arts. He was originally trained as a visual artist before he began acting and this becomes clear in this performance, in which he uses the art of drawing with great skill as a prominent element of the show.

In the performance, simple lines become shapes and figures that constantly transform in surprising ways. Making use of simple technical means, the actor tries to bring the characters to life in front of the spectators’ eyes.

The drawing process is projected onto a large screen, which is the performance’s primary scenographic element and at the same time forms the background of the stage. This is complemented by the actor’s well-known wordless, expressive body language and spiced with the humor, spontaneity and poetry that characterize Paolo Nani Theatre’s productions.

The theatrical expression is completed by an acoustic landscape consisting of a number of evocative musical works as well as to the music contrasting sound effects.

Paolo Nani Theatre was established in Vordingborg, Denmark, in 1995. Since then, Paolo Nani has produced a few performances, which got a remarkable success in the world of international theatre. Paolo Nani is well known for his extraordinary timing, funny and precise body language and mastery of facial expression.