The Overcoat | NUKU

The Overcoat

1 h 5 min|Young person, Grown-up|Small Hall

Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences

A topical story of a so-called small man turning into a big tyrant. Of how constant pressure and oppression can change a man; of what he can become as he grows in strength; of what a person does when there are no restrictions. Of how our attitude towards people often depends on the uniform or overcoat they wear, on their status and position, not noticing what is actually hidden underneath the garment.

The production speaks about a man betraying himself to appear better and stronger in the eyes of others than he really is.

Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences is a theatre for the young viewer that shapes young people’s cultural space, broadens their senses, reflects their perception of the world, and helps them to get to know themselves and the world. It is the only theatre in Estonia that consistently includes puppet and visual theatre productions in its repertory. When creating productions, they look for a dialogue of the goals of content and visual forms of expression.