Sun, Moon and Stars | NUKU

Sun, Moon and Stars

40 min|Young children, Pre-schooler|Oval Hall

A legend about the creation of heavenly bodies

Once upon a time the sky was so low that a tall man could stroke it with his hand. Curious tailor’s children were eager to know what Grandfather and all the other great ones in the sky were doing. They climbed on a rock and poked holes in the sky to see what was going on up there. And their parents cut out pieces of the sky to patch their worn-out clothes. Grandfather got angry and had to lift the sky so high that no one could touch it anymore. But the holes that the tailor’s family had made turned into the sun, the moon and the stars.

The play is based on an Estonian legend. Together with its little viewers, it tries to answer the questions: How was the world created? Why is the sky so high? What is there above the clouds? In a theatre hall designed as a tailor’s workshop, you can watch puppet theatre in a little suitcase and also play along in the show.

Director Polina Struzhkova from Russia specialises in children’s theatre. In Estonia, she has previously directed children’s plays in the Russian Thatere – “King Thrushbeard”, “Christmas Ghosts”, “Cinderella” and “The Boy Who Feared Nothing”.


Laura Kukk, Anti Kobin