Eveline and Me | NUKU

Eveline and Me

1 h 15 min|School children|Ferdinand Hall

If you have a pencil, if you have paper, if you have an idea, you’ve got the whole world.

How exciting it could be to enter your fantasy world, to find friends and undiscovered nooks and crannies.

The fantasy production ponders humorously and playfully on friendship, responsibility and bravery. It shows us that there is an imaginative creator and fantasist in every one of us. At the same time drawing attention to the fact that with creating a world comes responsibility. Thoughts and words have a great power, so we must be very careful what we wish for.

The production is prompted and inspired by Baroness Eveline von Maydell (1890–1962), a German artist who also lived and worked in Estonia. Eveline’s hands shaped dull paper into a fairy tale world full of unusual characters and strange environments. In the production, little Eveline meets herself and the creatures born in her head in unexpected situations, exploring the world around her from a new angle.


Laura KukkMait Joorits, Mart Müürisepp, Karl Sakrits, Kaisa Selde