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The Robber Hotzenplotz

1 h 10 min|Pre-schooler, School children|Ferdinand Hall

A crazy robber-racket with bratwurst and popping mushrooms

Based on “The Further Adventures of the Robber Hotzenplotz” by Otfried Preussler

All is perfectly well in this nice little town: best friends Kasperl and Seppel go fishing and make mischief; Kasperl’s grandmother makes them bratwurst and sauerkraut every Thursday; Chief Constable Dimpfelmoser patrols on the town square; psychic Mrs. Schlotterbeck’s magic crystal ball shows her everything that is happening in the world... and locked up in the firehouse is the horror of the town folk, the terrible robber Hotzenplotz.

One ordinary Thursday, however, Hotzenplotz escapes the firehouse and goes to Kasperl’s grandmother’s house, where he eats up all the bratwurst and sauerkraut that grandmother has prepared for Kasperl and Seppel. The boys will not let him get away with it – the nasty bratwurst-robber must be captured!

What follows is a lively robber hunt where masks and roles are exchanged and no one can be trusted to be who they seemed to be in the beginning. But with friendship, playfulness and humour, you can overcome all obstacles and peek behind even the most terrifying masks.


Anti KobinMihkel TikerpaluDoris TislarGetter MeresmaaKarl Sakrits, Risto Vaidla

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