The Sun Takes a Holiday | NUKU

The Sun Takes a Holiday

45 min|Young children, Pre-schooler, School children|Small Hall

It is a story of how we can all tire sometimes. And even the strongest of us can sometimes feel lonely. If people feel tired, they go to bed. But what happens, if the sun gets tired? The sun cannot just fall asleep, because while it is night on one side of the world, it is day on the other side. And the sun keeps working. It has been so for millions of years.

This is why the sun decides to take a holiday. It changes into a yellow cat, comes down to Earth and meets a little girl. The two have something in common. They both love the colour yellow and they both feel lonely. A friendship is formed. And a game starts. It promises to be a very enjoyable holiday. But the sun forgot to consider one small thing. Namely that it is very difficult for people to live without the sun. The weather will be very bad. It will be winter, dark and cold. Finally the little girl becomes sick. And the sun realises that it has no choice but to go back to the sky. Because the sun now has a friend to take care of.



Katri Pekri, Laura Nõlvak or Kadri Kalda, Anti Kobin, Mirko Rajas, Jevgeni Moissejenko