Mart Müürisepp | NUKU

Mart Müürisepp

Amet: Actor

At Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences since

Recent roles
Coloured paper, crawler, crinkler, Marie:
Kersti Heinloo Eveline and Me (directed by Kersti Heinloo), 2022
Bumper, Gnome and others: Astrid Lindgren-Siret Campbell Ronja, the Robber's Daughter  (directed by Taavi Tõnisson), 2022
Tschick: Wolfgang Herrndorf Why We Took the Car (directed by Mirko Rajas), 2021
Georg: Ott Aardam Ice Fishing (directed by Ott Aardam), 2020
Villi: Ott Kilusk Bravery Chills (directed by Kaili Viidas), 2019
Petruccio: William Shakespeare-Rein Raud The Taming of the Shrew  (directed by Merja Pöyhönen), 2019
Georg: Jostein Gaarder The Orange Girl (director Sander Pukk), 2019
Karl Raismik: A. H. Tammsaare Young Souls (director Mirko Rajas), 2018