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Audience thoughts on Ashes (Plexus Polaire)

02. June 2017 | 11:15

First day of NuQ Treff festival ended on a high note with Plexus Polaire's Ashes by Yngvild Aspeli. Here are some thought from audience members right after seeing the peformance.

Kadi, 25: „I am shaken! I wasn't expecting that kind of trhilling experience. It was absolutely amazing to see the puppet play with only 3 persons! It was a first time for me to see something like this."

Laura, 37: „I am feeling very good. I was touched by the story, the puppet play was perfect, every element was surprising.“

Taavi, 37: „It is a performance I'd gladly perform in!“

Iti: „I've seen it before and still think this is the kind of puppet performance we here, in Estonia, should take upon staging. I was instantly charmed by the wolf."

Anna, 25: „My thought are still a bit discomposed. Very efficacious! I enjoyed the whole symbosis. The whirl of events spoke with me and with the ideas I have had in my mind for a while."

Tiiu, 53: „Grandiose and interesting! I don't watch many puppet shows. Ashes was exciting! I was surprised by how well the puppets act and how much they look and are the same as real people. I was sitting in the first row and often it seemed, they are breathing!" 

Helen, 23: „It was completely different of what I'm used to seeing in Estonian theatre. Very detailed handicraft and very deep, layered, thoroughly enjoyable theatre experience!"

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