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Visual theatre festival NuQ Treff begins in 6 months

23. November 2018 | 10:37

Exactly six months to the future, on 23rd May 2019, the four day long visual theatre festival NuQ Treff begins in Tallinn. The festival is organised by NUKU theatre.

Leino Rei, the artistic director of the festival says that NuQ Treff keeps a finger on the pulse of contemporary puppet, object and visual theatre, searching for an inspiring dialogue of form and content, tradition and innovation. The program of the upcoming festival is meant for children & adults alike. Alongside international productions, the NUKU theatre's shows are also highlighted. The focus is on shows that balance the content and the form.

The adult program welcomes to Estonia Ruslan Kudashov's newly premiered Hamlet. Screen. The genre of the performance is defined as “post punk puppet show". Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016 sell out hit Meet Fred by Hijinx and Blind Summit performs at the festival as well.

Yngvild Aspeli returns to NuQ Treff after Ashes was greatly received in 2016. This year, her's and Plexus Polaire's Chambre Noir is put on stage together with Vaba Lava curator program. Aspeli gives a two-day workshop with actor Viktor Lukawski to the NUKU theatre actors. The workshop focuses on the methods of life-sized puppets.

Half of the festivals program is dedicated to children and families. French group Non Nova show Afternoon of Foehn uses a simple turbine in order to create a vortex with Claude Debussy's music and the ballet of plastic bag puppets. The artistic experience along with themes such a environmental issues raises an interesting dialogue.

A performance by Yana Tumina, Kolya's Composition is a meditation on how poetry is born, how inspiration finds its ways in a human soul, and how love is born in one's imagination, to become the essence of this person's life.

The festival also holds a seminar titled What is visual theatre? where the definitions of visual, puppet and object theatre in different theatre cultures are compared. Both theoreticians and practitioners, performing actors and Estonian visual theatre developers are in attendance. The seminar is led by Ms Madli Pesti, a theatre theoretic from Estonia.

The centre of the festival is NUKU theatre's building with the festival club for every evening. The performances take place in NUKU theatre as well as in theatre Von Krahl, Kanuti Gild, Vaba Lava, Sõltumatu Tantsu lava and Vene theatre.

18 productions from France, Israel, Russia, Finland, Germany, Slovenia, Great Britain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia are showcased at NuQ Treff.

Full program and tickets will be available from February 1, 2019. More information can be found from the website as well as on Facebook.

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