Palle Alone in the World | NUKU

Palle Alone in the World

Ca 30 min|Young children, Pre-schooler, School children|Oval Hall

What if one day you could do whatever you wanted to?

Palle wakes up one morning and discovers that there is no one home. No one in town either. No cars or trams in the streets, no people in shops. Yes, they have all disappeared, and Palle goes on an adventure through places where he has never been alone, but which are all equally tempting to a child: the candy shop, tram driver’s seat, the bank and so on…

This seemingly simple story speaks of loneliness, containing in it also philosophical questions about the relationship between the individual and the society.

The production is based on the book ‘Paul is Alone in the World’ by Danish children’s author Jens Sigsgaard, published in 1942. Being a psychologist, Sigsgaard based the book on a survey carried out among a thousand four-to-seven-year-olds, in which he asked what children dream about.

The show uses video projection on moving puppets, which is a novel technique in puppet theatre, blending puppetry and animation into a unique, fantastical whole. It brings the story to the young viewer in a captivating and child-friendly way.

‘Palle Alone in the World’ is the first production in the Estonian Theatre for Young Audiences that has come out of the in-house theatre laboratory.


Jevgeni Moissejenko or Karl Sakrits, Katri Pekri, Laura Nõlvak