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Series of Concerts in the NUKU museum

25. October 2017 | 14:43

A new event series starts on November 15 when the first museum concert takes places in NUKU puppetry museum.

On November 15, the new music group Päri Päri will perform among the theatre puppets, discovering new sounds in the depths of different museum rooms. Päri Päri takes its strenght from the traditional music, mixing the skills of singer Maarja Soomre, guitarist Jaan Varts and drummer Tanel Ruben

The concert series started off as a try-out last season. "Music and theatre, street performers and puppetry have always been together. Along the fact that music is an important tools for theatre, the sound and theatre language have other collaborative moments, as well. Just as the puppeteer awakens the puppet, the musician makes the notes on paper become music," desribes the reasons behind having live music concerts in the puppetry museum

January 18 concert features Sänni Noormets who is a fiddler player who keeps the traditional instrument playing and singing in mind. On February 4, a collaboration between musician Katariin Raska and puppeteer Kadri Kalda takes place. The concert "Parmu pill" puts together jew's harph and puppetry installations. The last concert of this season is on April 19th, where The Swingin' Sisters and Band will take the songs from 1960s quartet Eesti Raadio Meeskvartett and perform it with a swing band.

The concerts take place in various rooms of the NUKU museum. Tickets are on sale at the NUKU box office and website as well as in Piletilevi system.


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