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The Somersault

Young children, Pre-schooler, School children|Ferdinand Hall

Are all good things round?

The planets in space… A pea-shaped candy… The head of a snowman… The holes in the cheese… A molecule… A blueberry. A meatball! The face of a friend…

But what if something else is also good? A square corner, a long straight line, or the pointed crests of waves? Are we able to make up when we quarrel? Why is it sometimes so hard for us to understand the other person? And why is it sometimes, when you are not even expecting it, so very easy…

A production with and about balls or the story about how no matter how upside down things are – as if they were doing a somersault – we can always make them bounce the other way round.



Jevgeni Moissejenko, Kaisa Selde, Laura Kukk, Mait Joorits, Maria Ehrenberg​